Making waves

As I’m Portugal enjoying the sea I thought it would be quite appropriate to share my little watercolour painting.

It uses Van Gogh watercolours from Royal Talens and masking fluid and is a sample for Lou Withers and her Hochanda TV shows on today.

I used the masking fluid first for the edges of the waves and masked the horizon line. I then wet the water colour paper and randomly laid down blues and purples for the sky and let them bleed. I used similar coloured to reflect the sky on the water and roughly painted in a sand colour along with white for the beach.

When the paint was completely dry I added highlights in the waves using chalk pastels. I removed the masking fluid and used lighter blue watercolour for the edges remembering to leave some white . I had fun adding splatters of white ink at the top of the waves. I also used a natural sponge with neat white paint and a white gel pen to add extra white areas.

I removed the tape against the horizon line and gently painted in the faded hills.

Finally I stamped the sea gulls in black.

I hope you like it.

More tomorrow.

Lisa x

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