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The Druid’s Inn

I have to say that this tree stamp has to be one of my favourite Lavinia stamps so far…and I have many favourites as I’m sure you do! I love the texture of the tree roots and little mushroom seats and of course the mystery of what lies behind the door. Looks like our inquisitive little hares just might find out!

To create this scene I’ve used the following stamps:

Druid’s Inn

Berry leaves

Mini berry

Whimsical hares

The steps:

To begin I’ve used my ink sprays and I’ve mopped up some of the ink from my craft mat on top of the spray. This has created an interesting texture and colour mix.

The tree was stamped in black.

I used inks to intensify the background colours and a combination of watercolour pens and black and white gel pens to enhance the tree stamp. I also extended the height of the tree using the same lines of the stamped image.

Both sets of leaves, large and small were stamped using several colours of ink. The berries were also added.

Highlights were added to the leaves and berries using soft pastels.

The foreground was also enhanced with the pastels and extra depth created by adding a shadow in front of the tree. Additional texture and a hint of flowers was achieved using paint pens. The hares were stamped in black and shadows added with a charcoal pencil.

Finally the artwork was mounted and highlighted with glitter.

A taste of spring with blossoms berries and hazy sunshine… we can but hope!

Till next time,

Lisa xx

8 thoughts on “The Druid’s Inn

  1. This is just magical!  Magical!  Every time I see your creations I am blown away.  Thank you so much for not only sharing your work but also helping others understand how it was made. Meg

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  2. I am just in awe of the beautiful work you do!! I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful this really is and the love and magic you bring transforming these stamps into life. I just want to sit and stair at it all day. I wish I lived by you so we could stamp together and you could help teach me these techniques. If you ever decide to sell this one or others, so I can stare at it for real and not on my screen, I will be the first in line. lol Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs Stephi

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    1. Hi Stephi thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comments! I really appreciate you taking the time to do that. Lavinia stamps get most of my creations. I don’t sell as yet. Maybe one day. Thanks again! Lisa x


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