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What if?

Hello again! There’s something truly captivating about the mystery of steps leading up to a gate within a ruined temple. What lies beyond the gate? and when the the ruin is in Fairyland… well, anything is possible!

Today we have the brave little Pipin bathed in dappled light gazing at the magical gate, haunted by one question… what if?

The following stamps were used:

Forest temple


Twisted vine set

Tree of wisdom

The steps:

The ink sprays in this project, I have to admit looked a little crazy! I usually press the ink and water between two pieces of card. You never can predict how the prints will look. However, once I had settled on which way up I wanted it and trimmed it down a bit I could visualise the scene.

I stamped the main image making sure that the yellow ink was positioned behind the gate.

I decided the enhance the background by blending in some different coloured inks taking care to leave some white for the sun.

I added Pipin.

Next I used my zig clean colour water based markers to add some dimensional colour to the trunks of the trees. I also darkened part of the foreground using torn copy paper as a mask.

I stamped the temple on to copy paper and cut it out. I used this as a mask when adding the foliage and tree branches. I used different colour inks for the foliage and first and second generation stamping to create depth and distance.

I added tree branches and additional foliage in blue ink.

I used pastel pencils to add shadow behind Pipin.

I began to add dots of colour and highlights to the picture using paint pens and a gold stardust pen.

Finally the mounting and the glitter. It’s not complete without a touch of sparkle!

I wonder if Pipin ever decided to push open the gate? Lets hope so!

Till next time…

Lisa XX .

10 thoughts on “What if?

  1. You have set me on a creative journey that I am loving. I have made four versions of this inspirational work of art.

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