More fun with foil and ink!

So simple, either for card fronts or home decore. Use the Todo to hot foil using an embossing folder and ink to make a scene. But what else can we do? What do we do with the foil that is left over?IMG_2284 (Edited)

IMG_2288 (Edited)

This is another Sheena Douglass embossing folder which I have foiled on Todo on to Clarity stamps coated paper. It has a smooth finish. You can see how different the patterns are when you use the reverse. To transfer the waste foil pattern you will need a smooth plate for the top of the heated plate. Todo sell a purpose made one. Or if you don’t have that but have purchased a patterned metal plate for foiling you can use the reverse of that.

You may need to adjust the roller on your machine depending on the thickness of your card. As with the last technique, the foil is faced right side down on top of the smooth plate which has been heated on the hot plate in the centre of your Todo mat. Place the card on top and then the A plate and roll over a couple of times. Its never perfect but that’s the joy of it! Some foiled patterns are more rustic than others.Then the inky part.

I’ve used cosmic shimmer colour cloud inks to wipe across the card. The reverse pattern doesn’t need much ink because its mostly foil. For the other pattern I’ve torn a piece of copy paper in the rough shape of hills and I’ve inked lightly against this. Then I’ve trimmed down the art work and mounted against complimentary colours.

Here’s another example of ‘reverse’foiling.

And another……IMG_2301

Next post I will look at using the hot foiling patterned plates, combining embossing folder work, reverse foil and transfer on to die cut shapes for a really different look. The fun continues….honest!

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