Ode to Autumn- mixed media

This is a canvas I did last year. Today  I’m delighted that it has been featured in the October/ November issue of


I wanted to depict the colour and randomness of Autumn so I’ve  added a lot of textural layers to this piece.


You will need :

also pink gilding polish


Image for frame:


The Frame:


The Background:- embossing and pastes:



The stencilling:


Inking the elements:




The layers:


The leaves: I used some tags and inky backgrounds that I had made a while ago because I liked the colours and foiling.


Additional texture and colour:


I decided to add two toad stools. I edged the frame in black and sponged some white ink over the background,dulling it slightly, so that the eye would be drawn to the centre of the piece rather than the background which had similar competing colours. I also added some sparkle paste to highlight some of the texture.


Hope you like it!

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