Twit Twoo’ (and co)

This is canvas 5- Diesire mixed media die set- ‘Twit twoo’-Crafter’s Companion.

Well, this is an example of what happens when you receive a die set in a clear plastic bag with absolutely no instructions as to what they are designed to be!! Immediately I saw cats and dogs from the shapes but actually they were beautifully designed to be an owl!. When I was putting my canvas together and cutting the shapes I actually saw the owl last and added it as an after thought …phew!! that was close. So it just goes to show with a little imagination and some freehand cutting these dies can create a whole range of animals.


The materials:-

The background and composition:-

Once I had decided on a colour palette,the background was created with pebeo paint- pink and orange graduated together. When dry, I stencilled over the top with silver sparkle medium using a Sheena stencil.

I cut all the shapes and had a think. I decided to create bodies for the heads concentrating most of the texture on the animals themselves rather than on the background. So I began by embossing Sheena card in a range of textures for the bodies.I wanted book text to feature too. I also used the dies to cut mount board, fabric and cardboard and where I wanted to make a top coat to cover the bases I was able to cut multiple layers of ordinary weight card and paper.

The Cat:-

In a similar fashion to my last post, I painted and sanded the surface. I then inked it with distress ink and  stamped, stencilled and doodled on top. For the cat face I used the heart and petal shape dies. I cut lashes from black card. I drew the face and eyes and added fabric ears using the same die as before.

The dog:-

Similar to above except that I stamped script once inked and sanded and doodled. The dog’s nose is actually supposed to be the owl’s feet. (just so you know!-I didn’t)

The pig:-

The owl belly really does make a nice dog snout paws and trotters! I added black faux stitching around the edge.

The Owl:- (at last)


Plus paws and the wrong feet!

The finishing touches:-

I stencilled white dots using aqua tint ink randomly for extra texture. I also did some freehand foiling. I added sentiments, flowers, baker’s twine buttons and bells! Oh and tails!


Here’s version two:-


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