Be brave and fly

Hi there, today I’m sharing some more mixed media work using oil pastel. The piece began on a gelli plate scrap print (acrylic paint background). There was a faint image of the bird mask from Carabelle studio . I decided to enhance the birds and background using the pastels. I also did some stencilling using acrylic paint and sparkle medium. I tore some similar scraps to make a frame and mounted the piece on a larger shape which had been covered with printed rice paper and coloured with pastel. I cut holes on the top and twisted some wire to make a hanging. The words where from my ideaology book. Of course I used my Stabilo pencil and white pen to add some highlights.







If you are interested in finding out more about creating mixed media pieces check out:
For tutorials, videos practical tips and techniques- with loads of weekly inspiration.

I love the depth of colour that oil pastels can bring to a drawing.

Lisa x

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