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The magic crown

Hi everyone hope you are keeping well and getting a chance to be creative. Today’s magical landscape was created by combining stamps and stencils. The stencil shapes can be selected and manipulated to help with the creation of both soft and hard landscaping within the scene.

The following products were used:



Mini crown

Tree of wisdom

Ivy stencil

Pebble stencil

The steps:

I began by creating an ink spray background. To achieve this I spray colours on to white card. I spritz the ink with water and place a clean piece of card on top. When the two pieces of card are pulled apart two inky prints are revealed . I love to use these random backgrounds to create a scene.

After trimming the card down I began to place pebble shapes at the bottom using white gesso and the pebble stencil.

Next I added more stencil detail using the ivy stencil down each side.

I noticed a yellow patch which I decided to enhance as the sun peeking through. I used pastel pencils and my white gel pen.

I started the landscaping using torn copy paper and ink. (A tiny touch of pink) This creates the impression of distant hills.

I filled in the gaps using the pebble stencil again. At this point I decided that it was going to be a wall rather than a path. I only used those parts of the stencil that I needed.

Next I used soft pastels and a brown pastel pencil to add colour and detail to the wall. I wanted to keep the colours muted.

I stamped part of the tree to create a branch for Barric and to add extra interest. I also stamped Rory on the wall and Barric with the mini crown.

I added a shadow under Rory and darkened the edges of the picture. I lightly coloured the tree branches and added yellow to the wall using the pastel pencils.

To connect the figures I decided to draw some ‘orbs’ flowing from the crown. Rory’s wings and the crown were also coloured in gold using my stardust pen. Extra yellow and white highlights were added to Rory and through out the scene.

Finally I added the glitter for that touch of magic!

I hope you like how it turned out. Rory was certainly full of wonder. Who knows what magical powers lies within Barric’s crown!

Till next time…

Lisa XX

12 thoughts on “The magic crown

  1. Love your makes Lisa and appreciate the pictorial! I tried one of your projects with the moon made with gesso. How many layers did you have to do to get it so white? I did 4 layers and still couldn’t get it white. The more layers the harder it is to stamp. Any pointers? Also, do you lightly spray your paper with water before you spray dylusion inks? Thanks so much! I plan to try ALL your projects, lol!!

    1. Hi, thank you! I do at least 2 layers of gesso. I lighten it up using white chalk pastel. I find though that it’s the contrast with the background that makes it look bright . I also do an outline using white gel pen . For the stamping I always go over it using ‘Stabilo all’ black pencil. It goes over the rough surfaces. I also recommend spraying pastels with fixative if you use a lot of layers. Yes I spray my card with water. Sometimes at the start sometimes on top of the inks. Hope that helps. Glad you are inspired to use some of the techniques. One more thing I always reflect the colour of the sky when shading the moon. Xx

      1. Thanks so much Lisa! To clarify, if you use pastels on your moon, do you use fixative before you stamp? Sorry to pester….but much appreciation!

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