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Sky dance

Happy new year everybody!

I know it’s been a while! I have been on a break busy with my relocation plans. It’s been a rollercoaster for sure!

2022 for me began with clearing, renovating and decorating my house in Ireland. The house was valued and on the market by end of July and sold by the second week of August. It took months of preparation. It all looked so hopeful.

The search then began for a house in Spain just across the border from my Mum in Portugal. My brother lives in Spain too, 45 minutes from the border. We did a lot of searching but eventually found a house that ticked most of the boxes. We paid the deposit and started the legal work. Completion for our house was agreed for 12th December and the Spanish house on the 15th. We continued to clear our processions. I sold my car and we handed our notice in for our jobs.

By the end of November we were nearly completely packed. Removal vans were due on 2nd December. However while we were in the process of boxing everything I got a call from our agent 2 days before the vans were due to say that our buyers had split up and were pulling out. We had so little notice.

Of course we were absolutely devastated and to make matters worse we were unemployed!

Now- we have decided to remain positive. Our house is up for sale again and although the purchase in Spain has sadly been lost we are hoping to try again. So here’s hoping 2023 will be a better year!

Needless to say my art supplies have been packed for a while. However, I’ve managed to retrieve a kit of my favourite stuff and video equipment to start my videos again. I was worried that I had forgotten how!

It’s been an upsetting time for sure but I’m determined to proceed with my plan to be with my family again some day soon. In the meantime I Intend to add regular content here and on YouTube.

So for the beginning of 2023 I offer you this.

As always the links to the stamps and materials can be found in the description box below the video on YouTube.

I hope you find the video helpful.

I want to thank all of you for your patience during the last few months . I had hoped that I would be adding new content from my new location. Oh well ! I’ve learnt that despite our best laid plans life has its own ideas!

Take care, and I hope your year goes well too.

Until next time…

Lisa xx

24 thoughts on “Sky dance

  1. So sad about things not working the way they should. But I watched your video earlier and it is sunning. I just wanted you to know how much we all appreciate your beautiful work.

  2. Lisa I’m so sorry things have been so tough for you, your head must be all over the place. I hope things turn around soon for you.

    I am so glad you found your ‘tool kit’ and your certainly haven’t lost your touch.

    Wishing you a fabulous 2023 xx

  3. How annoying, life can be so cruel, you can only look for positives, you are young, healthy and have each other. Another positive we love your work you are an inspiration to many. I adore this new piece of art look forward to many more.

  4. I am so sorry that the year ended in such a negative way Lisa. This will be your year though!! And thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous creation. Even with a “limited kit” it is, as always, stunning. ❤️

  5. Wow Lisa, I just read your story to my husband. That is terrible that someone would do that to you, and that the real estate laws would allow it too. Your card is fabulous, and Happy New Year. Here’s to selling the house quickly, finding another and getting on with your move and new life

  6. Oh Lisa, so sorry things went wrong for you. I’m a great believer in everything happens for a reason and I’m sure that will be the same for you. Looking forward to more artwork in the mean time. Fingers crossed for a better 2023.xxxx Love and best wishes, Di Martin. 

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  7. Hi Lisa, I’m so sorry to hear of your bad luck and hope you find a new buyer for your house soon. Moving house is so stressful and I can imagine that moving abroad is a whole other level of stress. I’m sure things will work out in the end. Your work is as beautiful as ever, you definitely haven’t lost your flair. Xx

  8. Have been spending the day watching your YouTube channel.
    wow!! I m in awe of the wonderful scenes you create.

  9. Hi Lisa, I’m so so sorry to hear how badly things have gone for you both with only days to go before the big move! You and your family must have had a very difficult Christmas with all the emotions and anger you all must have felt and will still be feeling.
    I’m sure you’ll sell your home again very soon and find an even better house in Spain that ticks even more of your boxe
    Your artwork is Amazing, although I’ve not managed to craft much this last month due to health issues, I will definitely have a go at trying to do something similar ( only with different stamps, I don’t have the hares ) Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creations and giving us all such fantastic inspiration Lisa.
    Love and big hugs
    Sue Hartley x

  10. Simply gorgeous! You are my favorite. I’m sorry you are really going through it. Watch the next buyers will be better! We will always wait for you to put something else out. Take care of yourself and as always, tfs!

  11. Oh I’m sorry that you’ve had such rotten luck with the move! Have missed your videos so much.
    I hope 2023 brings you much to be joyous about! Take good care of yourself,
    Kaytrina x

  12. I just found your videos and page. I am in AWE of your talent. Im glad to hear you will be making videos again :). Im so sorry to hear of your 2022 struggles. Hopefully this year will better and you will indeed get to move closer to your family! Thanks for the tutorials and inspiration!

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