Funky flowers journal page

Today is the first day of a series of journal page projects. Yes I’ve decided!! A couple of weeks ago I purchased a new bottle of liquitex acrylic ink in my favourite colour- magenta. I was happily playing in my craft room inking and splatting etc not realising that the bottle had tipped over and all the precious ink was insidiously pouring over my desk.. my WHITE desk!! It puddled in a dark sinister pool over all my craft mats .. like a murder scene! Nightmare!! So, I took a pile of my trusty Sheena card and after unsuccessfully trying to pipette it back into the bottle I mopped it up with the card creating about 15 sheets of dark pink ink blots.

So, after getting over the shock I had a think and decided that I would turn this disaster into something creative and positive. I thought wouldn’t it be a great idea to start a YouTube channel showing how to turn the inky pages into journal pages for my new large Art journal?

HA! How foolish!!! Now several days later after attempting to make and edit a video I appear before you a broken women !!! Pah! I laugh in the face of technology and I promise that the next one will be better! I’ve learnt what not to do from this one. So please excuse my very dodgy first video. I know it goes a little strange in the middle and the music would drive you to drink but be kind and if you can find it in your Crafty heart SUBSCRIBE… I would be so grateful!!!

As for the journaling it was the easy part! It’s whimsical, sketchy and naive. It doesn’t matter that it looks like a doodle .. it’s fun! I’ve called it the Gesso masking technique. I hope you like it.









7 thoughts on “Funky flowers journal page

  1. Haha I love it! A murder scene…in pink. Don’t you love it how our mistakes sometimes turn into the most beautiful of projects? This page is a stunner! And I am very much looking forward to this series with the murder splatted backgrounds. I am always so drawn to your use of vibrant color and abstractness.

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