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I’m always fascinated by the effects of light and how the light in the sky reflects on the land. Even dark areas can glow with ambient light. Lucky for me that Lavinia stamps create the most exquisite silhouette stamps that are the perfect compliment to a brightly lit background. Today we are going full colour for our fantasy land because unicorns are magic after all!

The following stamps and stencils were used:



Meadow mushroom miniature

Forest Spruce

Crackle stencil

Berry stencil

The steps:

I began with an ink print from my inky background box. This was the other half of an ink sandwich which was used for my ‘what if’ project recently shared on this site. It was created by spraying randomly on to white card. This is spritzed with water and a clean sheet placed on top. When pulled apart two ink splat prints are revealed.

Some of the gaps were filled by blending some additional colours from ink pads. I tried to reflect some of the colours in the sky in the lower darker parts.

I added another layer to brighten it, this time using soft chalk pastels. This layer was sprayed with fixative to set it before the next step.

The unicorns were stamped in the centre and grasses created along the horizon line using the spruce stamp upside down. The unicorns were darkened using a black stabilo all pencil.

I used distress oxide ink in the foreground through the crackle stencil.

The berry stencil added interest at the top.

The little mushroom was stamped lightly in the centre using second generation ink.

Some highlights and shadows were added using pastel pencils and a gold stardust pen. The edges of the piece were slightly darkened using black ink.

I decided to stamp fir trees and spruce leaves at the top.

Finally the piece was mounted and dots of gold glitter added to the trees.

They look so peaceful bathed in the light of the distant sunset, soulmates together in a far off land.

Till next time…

Lisa xx

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  1. I love your use of bright color and shadow, it’s so inspiring and beautiful! Always a joy to see your artwork!

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