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Toadstool brook

Well hello! Long time no see! It’s nice to be back! I hope you are doing well and enjoying some of the new post- pandemic freedoms that we appear to have… dare I say it!

I’ve been away as some of you know due to some major home decorating and clear outs. We are still at it but most of the difficult jobs including the kitchen have now been tackled! My art studio clear out has been left until last . I’m currently working up to it but it’s not for the faint hearted! Entirely my own fault I know. I confess I hoard art supplies!

I’ve managed to squeeze in a video in between my long list of tasks. It’s quite a detailed project. When you get a picture in your head to create it it’s like giving birth. Well this one was certainly a labour of love! I hope that you enjoy the video and can use some of the layering techniques for your own creations!

I was kindly sent some new releases from Lavinia stamps. I loved the stamps used here in the picture and was delighted with the new ink sprays. I adore ink sprays as you know! This project demonstrates the gesso technique. It’s certainly a handy stamping trick to have up your sleeve!

As always you will find the product links below the YouTube video in the description box below the video.

In the meantime I thought I would share some before and after pictures from the house.

We are getting there!

Take care until next time!


Lisa xx

25 thoughts on “Toadstool brook

  1. Such hard work, and still time to do a video for us. THANK YOU!

    Love your decorating. … Will you do me next?
    Be well Stay well.

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  2. Hi Lisa.
    Toadstool Brook. Absolutely beautiful. I would love to be sitting there taking in the colours, smells and the atmosphere. Plus all the little surprises. Thank you for sharing your wonderful artwork. I must have a go.
    Enjoy your home. A lot of hard work but worth it. Looks so nice.
    Ann x

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  3. Just when I think your artwork can’t get anymore amazing you come up with Toadstool Brook. I absolutely love watching your videos and watch them again and again. I don’t have all the supplies you use but I’m slowly building it up. I sympathize with you being a craft room hoarder, I’m the same. And you’re home reno’s are just beautiful. I know what hard work it is, my daughter is renovating her first home and we occasionally get called in to help. It’s a huge undertaking but I see by you’re before and after pics it’s turned out so lovely.

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  4. Always look forward to you latest creations Lisa and this one lives up to all expectations Its devine🧚🏾‍♀️🧚‍♂️🧚
    Your house looks warm and cosy great work🏡

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  5. Lisa your home is beautiful! Great job! Of course your artwork is always outstanding and perfect! I love your work! Thank you for posting it😊❤️

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  6. Absolutely stunning artwork Lisa, I love how you’ve used the gesso I never thought of using it on it’s own like that, thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent.😃 Your home looks amazing, you’ll both be needing a holiday after all your hard work! X

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