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Journalling and mixed media review

Hello friends I’m back in Portugal with Mum for a while enjoying the good weather. I thought that I would do a quick video showing some of the other mixed media work that I’ve been involved with over the years and which are set out in this blog . I wanted to find out if subscribers wanted more of a mix of tutorials covering other things along with my Lavinia stamps pictures.

I have asked for comments /views on future tutorials and what people would find helpful.

In the meantime as part of my house clear up I finally tidied my art room! It had got really bad! Not much more to do to the house. A few little things. We are getting there!

And here’s a little taste of Portugal .

That’s it for today. I look forward to getting home to get back to my Artroom to create some new videos.

Until then thank you so much for your kind support. Stay safe and well!

Lisa xx

26 thoughts on “Journalling and mixed media review

  1. Hi. I love your Lavinia work so I’m more then content and look forward to your monthly YouTube. I particularly enjoy your backgrounds!

    Also, which Stabilo black pencil are you using? I was looking on Amazon and wasn’t sure.

    On a different topic, I love your studio rug! Where did you purchase it?



    1. Hi Julia it called ‘Stabilo all’ black pencil . It is water soluble . Yes I love my rug! Couldn’t resist it when I saw it. I have rainbowitiis!! ☺️😘

  2. Hello Lisa,
    I wat he’d this last night and was sbxutely mesmerised by all your works. I have decided you are a BENEFICENT witch who shares her powers.
    I loved abf want to seeore of your grunge work. I also want to seeore of your “pretty” journalism.

    Your freehand artwork is magic, though this is setting I can’t aspire to. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body though I wish I had.
    I have said ut before and repeat ut
    Love to you and your livedobes. Thank you for thinking about us
    Hannah Jacksley

  3. My art room is NEVER this tidy! You have a beautiful space.

    Have a lovely time with your mum and the sunshine. Lovely pics. I hope to visit there one day. Are they jacarandah trees, I see?

  4. Hi Lisa, not sure what’s in the glass but it looks great (gin & something maybe)! Have fun with your mother in Portugal but hurry back as I’m missing your video tutorials. Such an inspiration.

  5. Oh, you have a really lovely craft space Lisa!! 😀
    And thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures from Portugal too! I haven’t been there yet, but I really dream and wish to go to Portugal one year with my family.. (it’s planned! :).
    I love all what to you, though I don’t have always the time myself to watch your videos or follow you day after day… But realkly appreciate your colourful and dreamful artwork as you know!
    Enjoy the rest of your holidays with your mum, you deserve the breathe 😉
    Hugs, Coco xx

  6. first I would like tips on how to be so clean and tidy. I love your work with Lavinia Stamps but it would be nice to step out of my comfort zone so anything which brings you joy Im sure will be infectious and we will all be smitten. Another thing how did you manage to get a flight to Portugal, I booked a flight to my sister in spain for september and two days later it was cancelled, amazing lol.

  7. Enjoy your Holiday. Then get home and share lots of mixed media. Can’t wait. Love

  8. Wow! Your work is amazing. I got very excited watching the video. Everything you showed is right in my wheel house. While I throughly enjoy all your creations with Lavinia Stamps, and will always be eager to see more, I would love to see tutorials about all the things you showed. What I am most curious to learn more about is your composition process. That is where I tend to get stuck. When I get stuck I tend to paralyze and not do anything out of fear. If I could learn more about that I could avoid that all together.
    Thanks much, you are an amazing artist.
    Trish Bean

  9. I love everything you create, your journal, mix media, Lavinia’s cards, your home decor and your colourful craft room. I am super fan and I admire your talent!

  10. Hi Lisa I really look forward to your videos.
    The depth of colour is just amazing
    I am just at the beginning of this journey an love it.
    please continue to help me on my way
    I wish my space was like yours
    thank you

  11. Hello Lisa, Everytime when I see your Lavinia creations, I fall in love with them. It is like a dream where you step into when I see your work. My question is if you could make a Lavinia creation, where you also use Brusho powder in your work. Thank you, Francisca

      1. Hi Lisa, thank you for your quick answer. I will have a look at the subjects on your blog and your YouTube channel. You’re the best, Francisca

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