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Time for magic

Hello again I hope you are all well! We have had snow here and my poor spring flowers have been flattened ! Sitting here with my coat on… so much for spring!

Maybe some of you managed to get the new ministry of time stamps and stencils. I had another idea brewing- a play on the Cinderella story. To be fair it probably looked a lot better in my head but Here’s my effort, combining stamps from the last two Lavinia stamps launches.

I particularly liked layering the cogs stencil. I hope that you enjoy the video.

In the meantime I’ll leave you with pictures of my garden!

Until next time … wrap up warm!

Lisa xx🥶

16 thoughts on “Time for magic

      1. Hello I totally enjoy your work. I like how you explain and show all of the materials before you start. I am a fan! May I ask you about that electric eraser. That is the coolest. Would you please tell me you got that. Thanks again.

  1. OMGoodness, you are in the UK then! I’m sitting out at 17C degrees in the sunny French Pyrenees.
    Thanks again for a wonderful tutorial, my mica sprays arrived Friday, so I must try one of your superbe designs now, no excuse.

    1. Yes Jo still in Northern Ireland as my house sale fell through before Christmas. Hopefully the move to sunnier climbs will happen soon! Xx

  2. Stunning ! So you live in Ireland (for now)?I think snow is beautiful..but ready for Spring! I need to order those stamps! Thank you 😊

  3. Looks so beautiful but I wouldn’t want to have to live through that snow ☺️
    I live in Melbourne Australia and if we want snow w we have to go find a mountain ☺️

  4. Hello, Lisa. I love the new piece. All that snow! WOW! Where I am in the US, we did not get the usual amount this year, and I don’t mind one bit! I hope it starts to warm up so all the beautiful spring flowers can start to pop up!

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