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Little birdie

Hello again, welcome and a particularly warm welcome to my new subscribers. I appreciate you all! I hope everyone is well.

If you missed my latest video tutorial I decided that it was high time for a Spring themed piece and maybe something for Easter. It’s the first week of Spring and as I’m writing there is literally thunder and lightening outside! Lol!

All the more reason to escape to the magical world of art where you get to pick the weather and I really love a good sunrise or sunset which ever you prefer!

As you know I love the versatility of soft pastels in my work. I enjoy them in whatever form they take, pencil, stick or pan pastel- they are all good. I have product links including the stick pastel set that I used for this project in the description box below the video. Of course use what you have.

I hope you enjoy the video. I’ve already seen some of your versions on Facebook and I love what you have created!Well done!

Thanks as ever for your kind support. It means a lot to me.

So until next time…

Take good care of yourselves!

Lisa xx

6 thoughts on “Little birdie

  1. Lisa as always your artwork is stunning! This scene is beautiful and I can’t wait to see your video to watch how you create it.

  2. Lisa. One in a million Girlfriend. I 💜 💜 your creations. As I mentioned, I for one can’t wait for some mixed media projects.

  3. Lisa, what a gorgeous delightful piece of art. Loved watching it come together, very therapeutic and beautiful music in the background. You are an inspiration!

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