Gone Fishing

Staying with Clarity stamps this is a simple card. I used Clarity coated card; distress inks in pinks and blues; Clarity fisherman bulrushes and tree stamps ; archival black ink; black liner pen; blue and gold misters; brayer.

Firstly mask the sun circle with a ‘post it’sticker. Brayer pink and blue inks across the page. A blending mat helps with this. To add the reflection run the roller over the inked stamp then transfer upside down on to the page. Stamp the main image above this. Stamp trees and bulrushes . For background trees use second generation ink. To do this stamp image on copy paper first to remove some of the ink then stamp on main page.

I wanted to give the picture a misty ink drawing look so I roughly sketched on top of the stamped images. Then I spritzed with inks once I removed the sun mask. Quite a lot of gold ink puddled here but it worked ok.

Finally I cut to size and mounted on to a plain pink card blank.

My partner loves fishing. It reminds me of times when I used to accompany him and paint him on the river bank. Paintings took much longer than this card. I have memories of cold fingers and toes ( it’s Ireland)and not the slightest sign of fish for supper!


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