Snow sew

What about making a card with fabric? This project uses the applique and free motion embroidery techniques. It stitches both fabric and card. This is the second in a series of 5 designs using the christmas deep dish universal dies from Tattered lace.

This is what we are making:

Project 2- applique card


This is what you will need:

You will also need an 8’x8′ card blank; pearlecent card and a small piece of peach cotton fabric treated with terial magic to cut the fawn from the standard die. (see cotton meadow post for more details on terial magic).

To begin I cut three trees (all at once),a stag and a fawn from contrasting but complimentary fabrics.


I made a frame from an 8’x8′ piece of pearlecent card, cutting the centre with a 6′ square TL die. I then stitched around this a couple of times using a sewing machine in zig zag stitch.


Next I  cut a 6.5’x 6.5′ square of white cotton to act as my base and sprayed this with fabric adhesive.I then began to layer contrasting fabrics beginning with the sky. I cut shapes for the hills and shadows with scissors freehand. I also sprayed these shapes with adhesive and arranged into a background scene.Using a template frame the same size as my stitched one, I checked from time to time how the scene looked. I didn’t worry about the outside edges .


I stuck down the tress , checking again with the frame and I placed the deers in the centre to see how the composition looked. I didn’t stick the fawn and stag yet as I needed to applique the background using the sewing machine first.

After the sewing, the deer were sprayed and stuck down. I then sewed on top of them using free motion embroidery in grey thread.

I stuck the finished work to the card and added the stitched frame on top using foam pads and a glue gun to keep it all in place.

Finally, I tied a bow in complimentary satin ribbon and covered a botton in the same fabric as the stag. I stuck this to the centre of the bow with some red and white cord  and added it all to the top left hand side of the frame using a glue gun.


I makes a change from papers and inks. Hope you like it.

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