Today I’m showing how much fun you can have with alcohol inks and yupo paper. The idea is to drop the ink onto the paper, let it expand and run and then see what shapes there are. I saw tulips!


To begin it looked a little like this. ( I did two and this is the one I haven’t doodled over yet.)


You can see the tulip shapes.

I took a black permanent pen and outlined the flower shapes. I then selected a few alcohol marker pens in similar colours and added a little shading.


Finally I used three green markers to draw some leaves and stems freehand. I edged these in black.

I love the randomness of this technique. I’ll be trying it again soon.

bye for now

Lisa x

11 thoughts on “Tulips

  1. Wow Lisa I love this piece. I’ve not heard of yupo paper before but I will keep my eyes open for some. Beautiful and bright. Xx

  2. Absolutely amazing Lisa and what a beautiful result. Yupo paper is what alcohol pens have been waiting for.

  3. I have only just found the previous posts button lol so catching up on your work. This is glorious absolutely love it. x

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