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Hello lovely people! Today after all the sunny weather we have been having ( I’m not mentioning the thunder storms!) I thought that it was time for a summer scene by the sea.

My Mum named this piece. So thanks Mum! It is a reminder to me of where she lives beside the sea. I’ll join you there Mum someday soon I hope!

Also the project is quite straight forward and isn’t as long as some of my more recent projects. Time to chill and relax!

You can find the tutorial here. (Product links are in the description box below the video.)

I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

I also really want to send out a huge thank you to all of my subscribers but especially those who have and regularly do send donations using the thanks icon under the video in YouTube . I appreciate every act of kindness however small. It really means the world to me!

Also I would so appreciate it if you would consider Liking, sharing and commenting on my video. It too makes a big difference and I always forget to ask! I really look forward to your comments!

So whatever you are up to this week I hope it goes well. I’ve been busy editing new videos for the Lavinia stamps new stamp launch early July … so lots of exciting things to come!

Until then, please take really good care of yourselves!

Much love

Lisa xx

8 thoughts on “Tranquility

  1. Lisa, This project is beautiful and yet easier to achieve since there are less steps…i will try it…
    Keep faith in your dream to sell your house and find another beautiful one.🙏🤞🤞☀️

  2. Absolutely Beautiful, love the vibrant floral colors against the calming tones of the water and sky!

  3. Hi Lisa, As always I thoroughly enjoyed watching your video, wishing while you created your wonderful scene that I was also looking at it right in front of me.
    I hope you are very soon living close to your mum and family Lisa. And once again, thankyou for sharing your fabulous works of art with us all. xx

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