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Hello friends! Greetings from a very rainy Northern Ireland! From the hottest June on record to a total wash out in July! Such is life. At least we won’t run out of water. I should be thankful!

Last weekend we were treated to the #fantasyforest 4 day event at Lavinia stamps. This celebrated the New summer stamp release

If you didn’t catch it, I was asked to film this video tutorial.

This is the version with both commentary and music and includes paid promotion. (Music is not permitted in videos on the Lavinia stamps channel)

The tutorial explores one way of creating the bokeh blurred background effect and also how to balance colour in a piece when using mixed media art supplies.

I hope that you enjoy it and if you managed to get the stamps have fun creating your own version!

Thank you so much to those of you who have subscribed here and to my YouTube channel. Also a huge thanks to viewers who sent super thanks donations. This means so much to me!

In terms of the house sale, still no news I’m afraid. Looks like the housing market has taken a nose dive. So, as I’m not going any where I will be endeavouring to create more content on my you tube channel in the coming weeks.

Who knows what the future will bring! I remain hopeful and thankful that although I’m still in the rain, I have everything I need.

Until next time, create, be brave and enjoy the journey!

Love, Lisa xx

10 thoughts on “Patience

  1. as always Lisa, your tutorials are so warm and friendly and the content is always beautiful x

  2. I absolutely love your video tutorials, Lisa. They have showed me how to combine various mediums to bring out color and add dimension. Your art is so incredibly beautiful. I also would like to wish you good luck with your house. The market has really impacted all of us. But we have our outlet with creating beauty. Thank you again for your beautiful inspiration.

  3. Hi Lisa, It is a wonderful image you made with that owl.. . WOW – Always inspiring me, even I do not get much art going at the time.. Have a great day !!!

  4. I can’t believe I’ve let myself get so far behind in watching your tutorial, Lisa! So much to learn in this one, starting with the technique of toning down an over-exuberant Dinkles background by making an sandwich. I just love all the colors in your finished piece.

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