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Watercolour and salt technique

Yes panic! Months too late! Those pesky cards. Is it really less than a week until Christmas ! Fear not even if you don’t make the posting deadline there’s always new year wishes (given the trauma of 2020) and this is a technique for the holidays and beyond!

Inspire Me

Wishing you happiness and health whether you’ve made your cards or not!

Lots of love,

Lisa xx

9 thoughts on “Watercolour and salt technique

  1. I did manage to get enough cards made this year… only just in time though… I love the effect you got with the salt – I’ve tried it before with variable results, really must give it another go.

    1. Well done you ! Particularly this year . Getting the right level of moisture and putting the salt on quick enough is the key. But it’s magical when it goes right! Xx

  2. Needed some inspiration for this year’s cards and now I’m thrilled as you have inspired me as always Lisa. Thank you so much xx

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